Advanced modules


  • Quality System
    At the end of each course an anonymous questionnaire consisting of multiple choice questions and open-ended questions will be submitted to the users rating; through it users can assign a quality score to the various aspects of the course (content, organization, teacher, etc) and indicate suggestions. At the end the results of the questionnaire will be filed and on the basis of the scores of questions course statistics will be generated;
  • Survey
    Allows the creation of an anonymous poll survey among users of the platform, the survey includes a question with 4 answers (4Q survey), and the results of the survey will be collected and a report will be generated;


User Calendar

  • At the access to the course each user views a calendar grid of the current month which will show the scheduled events (courses in the classroom, 1 to 1 sessions with the tutor or the teacher) and the list of content navigated by the user in his last visit to the platform; the agenda will be populated by the administrator of the platform, which can bind an event to all users of the platform, users of single course or single-user;


Book 1-on-1 sessions

  • Through the agenda you may apply for a session one-on-1 (via IM) with a tutor or a teacher; tutor or teacher will receive a reservation request and can confirm it or deny it; in case of acceptance, the user session will be on the agenda, in both cases you will receive notification of the outcome of the request;



  • At the access to the platform “Dashboard” will be displayed on the home page; Dashboard can contain alerts (eg acceptance of 1-to-1 sessions, news and the content the user has visited in his last accessed ), and can be populated by administrators and the inclusion of news alerts;


Newsletter Manager

  • “Newsletter Manager” allows the management and delivery of newsletters; composition is facilitated by the presence of a WYSIWIG HTML editor that makes easier the creation of layout, without requiring any knowledge of HMTL. A dedicated area will allow the creation and storing of an archive of newsletters standard that ca be called up for future mailings; send filters enable the selection of recipients among all users of the platform, a single course or the individual user;


Podcast Area

  • Each user will be associated with a profile consisting of Ribbon, the Ribbons will be allocated to the successful conclusion of each course;


Visit statistics

  • This feature allows the administrator to create reports on visits to individual courses (daily visits / month, total visits to the course, visits to the unit); through statistics is also given the opportunity to analyze a user’s visits to the various units divided over each course;


Export Stand Alone HTML course

  • Administrators can export courses in HMTL format for viewing stand-alone content; the course will consist of the index of exported units and HTML pages;


Disabled “Paste” function

  • “Paste” function can be disabled; this prevents the student from copying text from an external source (manual, PDF, web pages) and paste it in the questions that require an open response;


User language

  • A language among those present can be associated with each user; the language may be used for automatic redirection to the content and test of the platform created for the selected language;