Exercises types

The test can be inserted at any position within the lessons, and are planned either questionnaires barrier (the percentage of tolerance can be set by admin) or not binding questionnaires. Exercises types are:

  • Unit and course random barrier test

    • this module allows the generation of random question tests, tests will be displayed at the end of each unit or at the end of the course. The percentage of the barrier is customizable. Questions will be chosen randomly from the Question Bank; at the end the results of all tests will be stored
  • Test statistics

    • test results for each user
    • user results by topic
  • Question bank

    • archive of questions/answers grouped by module membership, for the generation of multiple choice type questionnaires
  • Types of exercises

    • Multiple choice
    • Multiple answers
    • Fill blanks
    • Matching
    • Open questions
    • Image zones
    • Drag & Drop
    • Problem Solving
    • Close questions
    • “Troubleshooting” simulation: this module enables the creation “scenario” exercises in relation to a case study; a question is submitted requesting for a specific result; user must choose between four offered possible solutions; at the response the correct answer will be highlighted as well as a text field where you will be given a detailed explanation;

ab learn random test

ab learn random test